About Us

Safe Site Global is a one-stop-shop solution for all health, safety, emergency, and environmental problems. We help companies develop a trusted environment for their employees as well as clients to operate and enjoy safely.

Why Invest in Air Quality for Health & Safety?

Whether we notice it or not, the air we breathe indoors can make us sick. For many of us, it could be the respiratory diseases (COVID-19, RSV, Influenza, etc.) exhaled by others we share our spaces with. Our indoor air can become toxic without us realizing it — but indoor spaces aren’t always designed and built with this in mind. Instead, the technology and the human knowledge necessary to improve indoor air exist.

Our partners work with you to assess the current situation and recommend which solutions will provide you the best return on investment into health and safety measures. Our experts will walk you through the selected products and services, implement them into your business, and provide you with a QR code that ensures your business has taken the necessary steps to be recognized as a Safe Site.

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Your Recognition

To be recognized as business following safety standards and public health protocols


To provide you with the best quality companies that specialize in emergency preparation and response

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A trusted environment, safe for use and enjoyment.

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Customers scan the code to see that your business has taken the necessary steps to be recognized as a Safe Site.