What is the Safe Site Global Consortium?

Through Spark Niagara’s initiative, the Safe Site Global Consortium of companies was formed. Working together, the companies provide layered solutions to the challenges revealed by businesses coping with COVID-19 restrictions, as well as planning for future public health emergencies.

Safe Sites for Safe Communities

Our Consortium is focused on creating value for its members, as well as establishing trust and safety assurances for businesses and the public. That is, Safe Site Recognition of buildings, transportation, and other services ensures that the facilities are a trusted environment, safe for the public to use and enjoy.

Our Safe Site Certified Member companies are trusted vendors that have been vetted and their technology appropriately validated by our Recognition program.

As an example, to protect most companies’ personnel and visitors, the Consortium offers the GetReady* Online Daily Screening Tool. GetReady works with Chambers of Commerce, Business Improvement Areas, and Industrial Associations to reach local businesses and offers the Daily Screening Tool at a fixed modest price, regardless of the number of visitors, to ensure cloud-stored data for contact tracing and government requirements.

Our Consortium helps companies navigate through COVID-19 and will keep your facilities safe and your customers & employees healthy through our Plan, Protect, and Prevent strategy:

PLAN with:

  • Non-contact inspection
  • No cost consultancy
  • Assessment of site needs


  • Online screening
  • Health & Safety Training
  • PPE
  • Protocol development
  • Barriers, partitions, and signage
  • Swab analysis (pre & post treatment)
  • Dry fogging and Shock Dose treatment

PREVENT Through:

  • Regular dosing & analysis
  • HVAC improvements
  • Continuous disinfection
  • Smart solutions, intelligent washrooms & amenities

Be prepared for future public health emergencies and establish recognition, trust, and public confidence in your business through Safe Site Recognition today!

Find out more about our Safe Site Recognition program and request a quote by contacting us at info@safesiteglobal.com.

*GetReady is one of Spark’s Startups and the Consortium acts an anchor organization for encouraging more health-related startups through the Niagara Innovation Centre for Healthcare Entrepreneurs.

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