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Our consortium members provide a broad range of health, safety, emergency, and environmental products and services to keep your employees and customers safe.

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Assess, monitor, and respond to pathogens

Poppy makes the invisible, visible. As the world’s first commercial pathogen sensing and security system, Poppy assesses, monitors, and responds to pathogens to help make indoor spaces safer. An end-to-end solution, Poppy maps and monitors the movement and identity of 1000+ health-related organisms in the air—including the COVID-19 virus and its variants, food-borne bacteria, multi-drug resistant bacteria, molds, and pests.

Minimize Potential Disruptions

With best-in-class action and communication plans and 24/7 access to infection prevention and control experts. 

Peace Of Mind

Poppy’s early detection and response increases indoor safety measures for everyone sharing Poppy Spaces™.

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Poppy air quality monitoring device and applications
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Protect Your Office

PPE and Supplies

30-years of experience sourcing for the Canadian Medical Industry. Licensed with Health Canada.


30-years of experience sourcing for the Canadian Medical Industry. Licensed with Health Canada.

Commercial Real Estate

Comprehensive lease audits to ensure current clauses within a lease provide adequate protection. The pandemic has changed the commercial real estate industry and our professionals can support clients in a number of capacities including helping to understand optimal space densities; reviewing lease terms in respect to landlord obligations; social distancing in common areas; safe building access; building contractors’ infectious disease processes; and janitorial protocols, as well as supporting a disciplined and transparent process to develop effective real estate strategies to reduce cost and risk.

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Mark Petznick Professional Real Estate Corporation

Mark Petznick is a cofounder of  ENCOR Advisors™  which is a privately held, occupier-focused commercial real estate firm that advocates for their clients across the Globe. 

Clients First

Mark’s Client-First philosophy pushes its highly accredited advisors to go the extra mile, creating lasting partnerships that go beyond signing on the dotted line. Whether an owned or lease space in a single market or across multiple locations, a  purchase or sale, lease relocation, lease restructuring or a lease renewal, mark and his team of experts create an optimal real estate strategy, reducing occupancy costs and risk, increasing flexibility, avoiding surprises and pitfalls, and decreasing your obligations and restrictions.

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Get Ready Global

Businesses never needed an Infection Prevention and Control Specialist. Now they do! Get Ready™ bridges that gap for your organization COVID-19 is an unprecedented global pandemic disaster. The challenge is not just getting people “back to work”, but doing so in a way that ensures employers are compliant, staff are safe, and customers feel confident. Get Ready™ is your outsourced Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) partner. We have the ready-to-deploy cloud-based platform that provides you with everything you need to operate safely.


Onsite or remote assessment of your workplace environment.
Ensure that businesses are following health and safety regulations.

Action Plan

Our team will guide you through our recommendations to help you find solutions for screening procedures, exposed person in the workplace procedures, and social distance management.

Online Platform

Ensures each workplace meets Public Health and OSHA regulatory compliance. Policies, procedures, checklists, signage, communications, and reporting tools.

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Mammoth Health Innovation

Capital Funding

Mammoth assists early stage health innovation companies with business development and due diligence guidance for those raising funds.

Pathogen Identification

As a result of the pandemic, Mammoth has established itself as a resource for technologies targeted towards the identification, treatment, and eradication of pathogens like COVID-19. 

These include various Rapid Antigen Test manufacturers, Botanisol Analytics and UV Angel.

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UV Angel

Pathogen Control

Designed to meet stringent healthcare standards, UV Angel’s revolutionary pathogen control technology was initially developed in 2014 to serve hospitals and healthcare facilities working to prevent infections. The company uses years of advanced research and development in ultraviolet light and digital IoT platforms to help make the environments around us cleaner and safer, and healthier. 

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation

Fully automated, patented, and proven safe, UV Angel leverages Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) technology to monitor and disinfect the air we breathe and surfaces we touch. Complemented by a proprietary data analytics platform that delivers critical insights and strategic advantages to leaders in healthcare, government, education, corporate, food service, and more, UV Angel helps ensure the spaces where we live, eat and work are measurably safer.

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Affordable Financing

SilverChef is one of Canada’s largest specialist hospitality-equipment financiers. Hospitality equipment can be expensive and paying for it upfront can put pressure on a business’s cash flow. Our finance solutions allow customers to get the equipment they want now and pay for it in small, regular amounts out of the revenue it generates for them. 


Our Rent–Try–Buy® gives customers unrivalled flexibility to adapt their equipment to the changing needs of their business. They can upgrade or buy the rental equipment at any time or, after 12 months, return it without penalty.  Or they can choose Lease-to-Keep, a more traditional 48- or 60-month hire-purchase agreement with a competitive, fixed interest rate.

Backed By Experience

Founded in Australia in 1986, SilverChef expanded into New Zealand in 2011 and Canada in 2013. Over the past 36 years we’ve financed over CA$1 billion of equipment, helping more than 58,000 hospitality entrepreneurs realise their dream.

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Cleaner Healthier Air

SteriPlus Canada is a leader within the medical device reprocessing industry and has committed to continue improving its reprocessing and sterilization services from its facilities and on-site at partner hospitals, for sterilization of PPEs for COVID-19. SteriPlus, is dedicated to creating societal wellbeing and safety by providing Infection mitigation solutions such as disinfection of rooms and spaces to a 99.9+% kill rate of viruses, spores, and bacteria. Health Canada Approved.

Swab Analysis

Take a swab of an area before and after application to determine the number of bacterial colonies in that treated area.

Shock Dosing

Provide a stronger disinfecting dose for instances where there have been outbreaks or areas prone to higher concentration of the virus (i.e. ICU unit).

Staff Training

We provide full training to all staff members on how to use the best disinfectant practices as well as how to safely handle and distribute the solution.

Solution Supply

We continue to provide the solution for all your disinfecting needs.

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Reliable Nutrition Help

Saluswell’s lifestyle health management telehealth app does away with barriers between healthcare professionals, enabling an integrated team of Doctors, Dietitian-nutritionists, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician assistants to work together to provide much-needed quality lifestyle medical and preventative care.

Workplace Wellness

Imagine healthy productive employees and lower healthcare costs. Saluswell helps employers engage and empower employees and their families to take charge of their health and well-being for a happier, healthier and more productive workplace.
Healthy food at the table
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Spark Innovation Education Centre Inc.

A collaborative workplace and tech hub for today’s entrepreneur, where your potential is endless. As an incubator, Spark IECI provides SME businesses with valuable resources, services, technology, and access to Canada’s premier accelerator program, The Niagara Falls Ryerson Innovation Hub. Spark IECI offers start-ups and established businesses a space to operate as well as the support necessary to grow and thrive in today’s economy.